Connected Car

REMO Vehicle telematics products are built to collect data from sensors built into the device, a black box or a dongle. The data can then be delivered to a back-end platform via Bluetooth or cellular for analysis and monitoring.

Home Automation

REMO telematics products are also used in the Smart Home environment to monitoring energy use, average temperatures, humidity levels, etc. Such products include programmable and remotely controlled thermostats, outlet controls, connected entertainment systems, sensors that monitor carbon monoxide, cold, moisture and smoke, security systems, automated door locks, etc. These products are ideal for home insurers to help mitigate or eliminate expensive claims.

Remote Payment

Remo POS devices are robust, easy to use and comply to the highest security standards. Our solutions facilitate magnetic stripe cards, contact IC card and contactless card transactions, and depending on your application they sustain wired and wireless communication transmission.

Our devices include tablets, handheld, and docking stations. Ready to be customized these units are ideal for restaurants, fast food places, convenient stores, supermarkets, chain stores, shopping malls, etc.


The REMO GPS tracking devices typically contain three main customized components that can be further adjusted depending on the application:


  • Gathering Data: Remo tracker collects location and geo-fencing information, speed information, engine diagnostics to monitor fuel usage, emissions, etc.
  • Data transmission: our hardware transmits the collected data via a secure cellular network to a back end server to be analyzed.
  • Data analysis: The data is analyzed and presented to fleet managers and asset tracking personel to make appropriate decisions, such as re-routing a delivery, setting up new alerts or monitoring driver behavior, etc.