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Telematics and Asset Tracking Design

– Our Commitment –

At REMO we are passionately committed to providing the best service and support for all of your IoT and M2M needs. Our goal is to provide superior products and services to all of our clients in every market across the globe. Understanding the impact of technology on people’s lives, we believe in excellent product quality and strive for 100% client satisfaction.
Our REMO family is international. We find that we can best serve customer needs by tapping into the professional expertise and experience of our worldwide employees and partners. With offices and design partners in China, Europe, and North America we efficiently meet your quality standards and any local certification requirements with our products and solutions.Your success is our success.

Usage Based Insurance (UBI) Manufacturers

Our UBI products are equipped with high quality sensors used to collect valuable data for insurance companies to evaluate risk and assess liability. Analysis results can also be used for “crash and claims” services and to promote safer driving.

  • Location
  • Breaking
  • Turning
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Impact

Dongle OBD II

Read troubleshooting codes and monitor health status of your vehicle.


Easy to install. Perfect for your fleets.


Fleet Management

Start with REMO’s GPS vehicle tracking to improve efficiency with your fleets. No matter how large or small your fleets are, our GPS tracking solution can help you cut costs and increase fleet productivity.

  • Improve vehicle utilization
  • Reduce overtime work
  • Improve vehicle performance
  • Improve safety by monitoring driving habits
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Select more efficient driving routes
  • Improve customer service through on-time delivery
  • Generate more business without increasing drivers


Reliable, easy to install

Protect your Loved ones and your Assets

Home Automation

With your REMO home automation system you have full control. While travelling, view and manage your home from your choice of in-house control panel, web-enabled smart phone, tablet or computer. Have peace-of-mind while away from home by enabling sensors which alert of possible dangers due to intruders, gas leaks, extreme temperatures or electrical malfunction. Keep your home security at your fingertips, remotely view real-time video, change your A/C or heat temperature, turn lights on or off, etc. REMO enables you to control your home from anywhere.

HA Basic

Home security with basic sensors.
Access via App.

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HA Premium

Larger home security system. Access via in-house touch screen panel and App.

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Reliable, easy to install

The Internet of Everything is REMO’s strength. If you generate a smart solution idea, we can help. Whether it be telematics for vehicles or homes, M2M application for commercial or industrial use, or anything in-between, our experience and expertise will result in solutions tailored to your requirements.
Remo’s success depends on customer satisfaction. Our commitment is that the final product meets agreed requirements in terms of functionality, cost, and deadline.

Protect your Loved Ones and your Assets

Home or

Turn Ideas Into Reality









REMO’s passion is with The Internet of Everything. If you have an Idea to create a smart solution? We can help. We possess the knowledge, experience, and expertise to assist you with your IoT needs. Whether it be Telematics for vehicles or homes, M2M application for commercial or industrial use, we can meet your requirements.

REMO’s success depends on customer satisfaction. We make sure that our final product meets your objectives with functionality, cost and schedule.